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  WenJie Interation Air express Co.,LTD The department was established in China in 2001
got the legalshareholding  system joint venture engaged in express  delivery  of  international,
domestic air transport that Chinese Government sanctioned.
   Since joining WTO in China's Mainland,express delivery giants of the world have cast sight    
on the market of China's Mainland one after another , the express delivery market of China of
today is surging forward. The private express delivery of country of China is accumulating 
 strength and combining the market too. The express company of the gentle victory wishes to
 cooperate with domestic more friends with a common goal, high-quality brand ofcountry's private 
express delivery while making together.
    WenJie express regards " serving and innovating " as the idea, is devoted to offering most 
high-quality services to customer for a long time, the most favorable price wins the love and 
esteem from customer deeply . The perfect management system of our company, huge transportation 
team , an accurate , swift system of declaring at the Customs, make your goods create the most 
credible cooperative partner of your undertaking in the unblocked express delivery of all parts 
of the world.
    Our department always takes service spirit " based on sincerity " as the purpose, enjoy good 
reputation in the same trade. Meanwhile , believe you can find I department in service quality 
and price and difference and corresponding advantage between the other supplier. Hope the above 
information can meet your demand , if you need more detailed materials, we will be very willing 
to offer to you at any time .
    International express mail
   Undertake transportation clearance of the aviation express mail of imports and exports, for 
the door to go to the door to serve! The company cooperates with such international express 
delivery Companies as DHL ,FEDEX, TNT , UPS EMS ,etc. closely at present, offer the safe,prompt
door to every customer and reach the global express delivery of the door.
  Air transport
   Undertake air transport export is it arrange shipping space,declare at the Customs to act as 
agent , apply legal commodity inspection , repair and make and transport the document, accepting 
the commercial claim, the organization arranges to import and deliver goods , export and connect 
the goods in transporting and storage. Our company and safe boat TG at present; Horse boat MH; 
Such much airlines as Air France AF and Saudi Arabian aviation SV ,etc. sign bag board agreement
have guaranteed the leading advantage that our company dominates the market.Inquiries  welcome!
  The company accepts
 一、Import and export transport business in the whole journey, arrange shipping space , declare 
at the Customs both at home and abroad, newspaper examine , produce single;
 二、The declaring at the Customs at home of the cargoes imported and exported, newspaper are 
 三、Hand over , storage , transport , many type through transport , charter , arrange shipping 
space , sea iron through transport at the port of different goods;
 四、The project is transported, the special equipment is transported / hoisted;
 五、Commission insurance , repairing and making the document and relevant formalities of other 
imports and exports;
 六、Face the whole highway logistics delivery service of every large domestic main city.
  The company promising
 一、Offer the omni-directional service, the special train of free special messenger accepts one 
to the doorstep, packs, inquires about and declares at the Customs free.
 二、Offer service of following and inquiring about
 三、Offer and hit the transportation and our country of Hong Kong to one pair of services.
 四、Offer accurate express delivery time , will never delay .
 五、Offer service of transporting and forming a complete set: 1, International Air Transport 
Association,express delivery 2, domestic for express delivery, the air transport 3, in transport 
 六、Is it make an appointment to offer, the special messenger is it is it serve to charge the 
special delivery specially to call, and someone negotiates the business and contracts to the 
 七、" customer the highest, the reputation first " offers the most high-quality service.
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