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International DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT express the company's service quality four Scriptures
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International DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT express the company's service quality four Scriptures

With the blessings of online shopping and mail between the increase in express industry will face "burst position" test. For a long time, express the company's service quality much consumer concern.

"Big market, small package, small package 500 can be achieved." This phrase refers to the four major international courier companies: United Parcel Service (UPS), U.S. Federal Express (FedEx), the Dutch postal group TNT (TNT) and DHL international courier company (DHL). Scope of their services can be extended to more than 200 countries and regions? How can we improve the quality of service delivery? Express Consulting Network Consultant Xu Yong, chief research has been concerned about the international express industry, the reporter interviewed him recently, to explore the "small parcel" service behind the "Scriptures."

Standardized operating system

An American Express Company in New York city, described his boss Federal Express and United Parcel Service courier impression: they are well equipped, the same behavior as the military rhythm, fast, from them can feel proud, confident, so that peer very envious.

According to Xu Yong introduced, giving a good image of the courier from the courier company standardized operating system. In the courier services, courier express smooth delivery is the core of success factors, and four express courier company for the standardization of requirements can be described as "harsh." By UPS courier, for example, need to follow the 3 series, 40 standard specification, including the length of hair, mouth taste, button position, with or without a beard, the operation moves so explicitly spelled out. In the shipment pickup, delivery, collection and other links, couriers have a strict practices.

In other countries, how is by express delivery, door to door service to achieve? Xu Yong to reporters generally describes this process: First, courier pick-up, charged in line with standard courier packaging and fill in the details of the consignment, in order to protect against sun and rain, with cars will be shipped to express shipping to. In loading and unloading express delivery vehicles, and other areas, almost all mechanized operations, inside the car out into the stretch drive, reducing shipment throw throw, long-distance trucks and other vehicles are generally equipped with many years conductive roller, express mail will not be wrestling, both to protect the shipment, but also saves manpower. Do try to express sorting automatic sorting. Express delivery not allowed to come knock on the door loudly, shouting, so that service with a smile.

It is understood that in foreign countries, express delivery services industry there is no industry standard, only the corporate standard. Four major express delivery companies to develop corporate standards are perfect, will advance to the public, to win public scrutiny and identity, creating competitive in the industry and consumers but also recognized normal standards.

The procedure for the service under the procedure

Price competition in the industry is the most commonly used delivery is the easiest way to increase market share. So, how does the company cut prices to maintain customer loyalty it? Xu Yong said, the answer is "service." In the service concept, the four courier companies "to meet customer demand," the first place, the cost is relegated to second place.

Xu Yong with FedEx (Federal Express), for example described. Some courier companies with competitive compared to the homogeneous, FedEx Express in the U.S. domestic market is dominated by service quality competition, their target market is mainly sensitive to price sensitive customers on service quality. FedEx has a slogan: "Do not count the cost, the mission will be over." 2001 "9.11" terrorist attacks, the United States in the implementation of a nationwide flight ban. In order to fulfill the company "mission to be" commitment, FedEx within 12 hours of 800 trucks leased to send parcels, the results of most of the time of delivery of goods is only one day later than the specified time.

According to reports, the four major express delivery companies in the service management, there is an important concept: "the procedure for the next process services." Such as Federal Express made 1:10:100 service concept, is that if you do, then the previous link, a link for the next 10 times the efficiency, the last part of 100% customer satisfaction. Although logical, this argument may be some exaggeration, but the emphasis on collaboration services, advanced the concept of service is four express delivery giants beachhead overseas markets tool. In addition, express mailed, the whereabouts of the shipment process, often more concerned about the sender. It is understood that in foreign countries, one express about 16-24 scans links, each link of the scanning operation can track and trace information.

Sound and rigorous credit system

"Sign test" or "after signing a priori" is the courier industry has been debating the topic. So, whether foreign express delivery industry has such a controversy and dispute? Xu Yong said that in foreign countries, there is little customer requirements out of the box inspection, a large part because the recipient was assured for the courier service and satisfaction, rarely express problems during delivery, which is perfect courier industry credit system construction are inseparable.

Xu Yong said that if the consumers to shop online through courier service, courier delivery only plays a role, does not bear inspection obligations. Inspection box courier industry is value-added services, such services if the recipient needs in order to avoid disputes, the sender and the courier company can contract to provide this service, but need to charge a fee, but will eventually be Recipients pay. In other countries, as courier industry has established a rigorous credit system, if the recipient to open express mail and found the product in question, sent courier to return to sender. If the quality of goods, merchants bear the courier fees.

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