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Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina on private goods shipments customs requirements
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Sent to Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina on private goods shipments Customs requires notification

DHL DHL Express Hong Kong take notice, sent by an individual's personal shipments destined for Bosnia and Herzegovina, the local customs declaration accompanying documentation has the following requirements:
      For the local clearance procedure of goods become more quick and easy, personal investment and personal shipment sent an invoice must contain: the correct address, full name, valid contact telephone number, shipper identification information such as copies.
      Name the other items need to be described in detail, a simple description is usually not accepted, for example, "black dress" is considered a simple description,

Correct should be: "long black dress, short sleeve 100% cotton, size 42".
      Please refer to the above requirements of the shipper must properly posted private shipments to Bosnia, if the issues caused by incorrect declaration of customs clearance at the same time to be with the recipient and no positive, the destination will arrange for the goods returned to origin, all resulting costs will be borne shipping.

Please be advised, so the inconvenience, please understand.

    Thank you for your Wenjie express support! 020-36680069 86372740

Notice is hereby given.
Wen Jie Guangzhou International Express Co., Ltd. / Ministry of International Express


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