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FedEx acquired the French Tatex counterattack UPS
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FedEx acquired the French Tatex counterattack UPS
FEDEX Federal Express acquired the French Tatex counterattack UPS

Following the UPS United Parcel Express to do so in the bag of TNT Express in the Federal Express (FedEx) has also accelerated the pace of expansion. Reporter learned yesterday, the FedEx was May 10, Tatex, French courier companies in the arm, but did not release the purchase price. Industry experts believe that this acquisition is FedEx UPS counterattack in the European market, the European debt crisis for the international express delivery giants to create the M & A opportunity, or will become the basis for EMS development can learn.

FedEx CEO Smith stressed that the acquisition of Tatex compensate for the deficiencies of the company's existing business in France, after the acquisition in the country, heavy transport and other extra features. The acquisition is the largest acquisition since the FedEx 105. Xu Yong, chief consultant of the express Advisory Network, believes that this acquisition is acquired by UPS TNT, the FedEx order to ensure its market share in Europe's response to Xu Yong said that there is a vicious circle, the international express delivery market, very strong local operating companies, foreign companies is not easy to development, such as UPS, FedEx, the express delivery giant to expand European operations, the general will choose M & A, and the debt crisis in Europe under the influence of the European express delivery companies, stock prices generally low, speaking from the price level is a good time of the international express acquisition of the European express delivery companies.

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